Water Damage Prevention Tips

A water damage can strike your property anytime. It could be from above the property (maybe leak in the roof), inside the property (Pipe leak, bathroom overflowing) or even from below (basement flooding). Many tenants and landlords forget that water can damage their drywall and cause structural issues. Mold is also another possible side effect raising concerns for your health and investment.

Let’s discuss a few options to prevent water damage from occurring in the first place.

Clear gutters every year: Most leaks from the roof is traced back to a gutter that is clogged. There might be leaves and other tree matter that has clogged the drain and started water piling up. When the gutters are clogged, the water backs up to the roof or below the roof shingles causing the water to intrude into the interior of the house.

Upkeep of basement drains: Basements have the highest chances of flooding from heavy rains or snow. This is usually because the basement will be below the ground level and water can easily flow in the basement. Although this water flow could not be avoided completely, it is always possible to mitigate the risk. The basement drains play a significant role in doing this. Always keep the drains of the basement clean and clear. You never know when that flash flood is going to hit.

Use catch basins: Water close to the foundation of your home can lead to major problems sooner than later. It can easily penetrate basements and basement walls and can cause structural problems, mold and a lot of other issues that you might not like. Further, it can make showing your property to prospective tenants impossible any time it rains. An easy solution to this problem is to have a catch basin installed by your property manager.

Always have a Functional sump pump: Let us say the worse happens and all the above methods fail. The sump pump should be the next in line for your defense against water. A sump pump will bail you out of huge damage. But make sure, it is functioning and placed in a very good spot without a lot of obstructions. Have the property manager make sure it is working every time. You might want to look at installing multiple sump pumps depending on the size of your basement. Installing a battery backup might also be another option. Have your property manager look at the property and give you recommendations of what is needed.

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