SPJ Managements

Your residential Property Management Specialist

Management Fees and Schedules

Management Fees

10% of Monthly Rent Collected up to a Max of $300/month per door.

We have an all inclusive fee structure. 10% of monthly fee collected covers all our applications, services and tools needed to make your property management effective. No extra fees for quarterly inspections, statements, payments credit to your account etc. Also includes tenant managements, answering service calls 24x7.

If your property is vacant or the tenant does not pay rent, we do not charge a fee to you. 

Our Management Fees covers all the below features for managing your home:

  • Lifetime Tenant Guarantee*

  • Video and Photo Tour of your Property

  • Distributing your property to over 200+ websites when advertising for Tenants

  • Quarterly Property Walk through

  • Managing Scheduling and Showing Property to prospective tenants

  • Coordinating inspections, lead certificates and other certificates required by the city and state governments

  • Screening Tenants - Background check, Criminal Checks, Credit Checks, Employment and Rental History Checks

  • Securely showing and listing property with lockboxes and codes that has tracking

  • Online Tenant Portal and Landlord Portal

  • Communication with Tenants and Tenant Requests Management

  • 24x7 In House Emergency Service

  • Move-In and Move-Out Video Report

  • Rent Collection and Disbursement

  • Keeping track of HOA violation and notices

  • Property Turn-over coordination and oversight

  • Managing Security Deposit according to state and county laws

  • W9 distributions and end of every year performance reporting

If you are interested in hiring us as your property management company, please call us or Fill out the contact Form