SPJ Managements

Your residential Property Management Specialist

Scope of Our End to End Property Management Services : 

Landlord Portal


Log in to the Landlord Portal and find all your information in one place

The landlords get access to our portal which is updated daily with details about rents collected, maintenance request, repairs completed, HOA violations and documentation, monthly and yearly statements etc. All the details you need in one spot. 

Tenant Portal


Log in to the Tenant Portal and find all your information in one place

The tenants get access to our portal which has all the details about the payments in the past, payments due, maintenance request status updates and all the other information you need. You can pay your rent online. This portal will also send you alerts when your lease is about to expire and will help you fill out required forms online


Rent Invoicing


Tenants will be notified about all payments due - how much to pay, when to pay and how to how to pay each month

Last week of every month, the tenants will receive an invoice for balance due. This will go out in postal mail, email.  The invoice will explain the outstanding due in rent, late charges if any, etc. Tenants can also log in to the Tenant portal at any time and find out the balance due. This will ensure that the tenants are on top of the payments all the time. 

Rent Collection

Fast, Easy and Secure Rent Collection with our Online Application

We are past the era of checks being mailed. Our cutting edge technology makes it easy to pay the rent online with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer and many other options. And if you send us a check, we will accept that too. SPJ Managements recognize the need for timely rent payments and tenants who missed payments will be notified immediately and followed up with a phone call call. 

Tenant Requests and Relations

Landlords - Sleep well at Night. No one is going to call you with a leak at midnight!

All tenant service requests comes to us. We prioritize them and if it is an emergency, we will respond as soon as possible. We always maintain an open relationship with our tenants and will always be able to mitigate any issues sometime even before they happen. manner.  Our customers will not have to hear from the tenants again. 

Maintenance & Repairs

All maintenance and repair activities are carried out in a timely fashion and has to meet our standards by a MHIC licensed Contractor

Our Customers saves time and money with our in house MHIC licensed team and out army of vendors making all the repairs and maintenance calls in a timely fashion. Our customers also saves when they get a bulk discount we have negotiated with the vendors because we give them a lot of business. 

Unit Turnover Service

When the tenant moves out, we prep and make your unit ready to rent again in record time

We provide a video walk through and detailed reporting when tenants move out. So you don't have to drive down to your property to see what is happening. We access any damages that the tenant needs to pay and recommend other items that needs taken care of before the unit can be turned over and advertised again. We also perform the tenant turn over activities in record times.  

Quarterly Inspections & Reports

Catch the Issues before they happens and mitigate

Nothing happens in a day. Almost all your surprise repairs can be caught if they are inspected in regular intervals. SPJ Managements performs timely inspections every 3 months on all our managed properties. So if there are any problem points, they will be reported and informed to the Owner. This also creates a log of events and documentation. 

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